Raised by Latino artists and a television playing a nonstop cartoon marathon, Franklin draws inspiration from every aspect of his life into a career in design- whether it be a drafting a logo or a long-term commission. From personal interactions across many audiences and designers alike within the art-sphere came the notion that above all, what a person craves the most about any type of art is its application and aesthetic value, and how recognition and tangibility are key components.
Franklin's close experience in the hospitality and gift industry places a majority of his designs between the realms of the nostalgic, comforting, and kitsch, often tackling challenges with a "what-if" that is not only visually appealing but appeasing to a wide age range.  And of course being originally from South Florida, if a solution lies beyond the world of art, there is truly nothing that a croquetica de jamon cannot fix.
Above all, Franklin believes that art is a specific magic that both enables and initiates an innate passion within those who enjoy to create something of their own, with graphic design often being the gateway into a world of exploring what can be wonderfully crafted. 

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